What a MESS at Windy Thistle!

It's deep into the growing season and I'm not sure who is winning, the tomatoes or me! I keep the weeds down somewhat, but the sprawling tomato vines are everywhere. We try to keep them somewhat contained and are trying three different methods of staking them to see what works. First we tried staking them with a single stake per plant. This sorta works.. the plant is up off the ground but it still wants to lean. The second method we tried has somewhat success, too. In thi


Windy Thistle Farmstead

Where Old Meets You!

We are a family owned working homestead with two guestrooms, a private primitive campsite in the woods and great home cooked breakfasts.  We’re trying natural gardening methods and keeping small livestock among the gorgeous woods of the Ozark foothills just one hour south of St. Louis.  We’ll show you what we’re doing and teach the old ways of doing things.  Children are especially welcome.  We have two resident dogs and two resident cats and your pets are welcome, too, just let me know you are bringing them.   Interested in learning how to do something – send me email at heartwynd@aol.com



Dittmer MO United States

(636) 274-9334

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