CSA Garden Share

CSA Garden Share

Full Share: Eggs, 12 Garden Items that will include veggies, cut flowers and herbs, and a loaf of artisan bread. How much in each basket will depend on garden yields and the items will vary as more items come into season. Free Attendence to all Classes with reservations.  $450 for 18 weeks - Payment plans are available - Five Memberships available


Half Share: 12 Garden Items, including veggies, cut flowers and herbs. No eggs or bread. $200 for 18 weeks - Four Memberships available

Down payment due by 3/15/2020

  • Delivery on Friday

    We’ll bring your basket to your door if you live in S. St. Louis and points south. If you don’t, you can arrange with us to pick up your basket. Leave last week’s empty container outside your door and we’ll replace it with fresh goodies – it’s just that easy. If you are worried about porch pirates, give us a time you’ll be home and that’s when we’ll stop by.

  • Flowers, Herbs & Veggies

    Flower Lemon Bee Balm
    Flower Marigold
    Flower Pansy
    Flower Petunia
    Flower Sunflower Arikara
    Flower Sunflower Henry Wilde
    Flower Sweet Alyssum
    Flower Zinnia
    Fruit Luffa Gourd
    Fruit Melon
    Fruit Pie Pumpkin
    Fruit Watermelon
    Herb Basil
    Herb Blue Hyssop
    Herb Borage
    Herb Catnip
    Herb Chives
    Herb Cilantro
    Herb Cumin
    Herb Dill
    Herb Echinacea Purpurea
    Herb Feverfew
    Herb Free Cinnamon Basil
    Herb Green Lemon Balm
    Herb Lavender
    Herb Marjoram
    Herb Nasturtium
    Herb Oregano
    Herb Parsley
    Herb Purslane
    Herb Sage
    Herb Savory
    Herb St. John's Wort
    Herb Tansy
    Herb Yarrow
    Vegetable Broccali
    Vegetable Brussel Sprouts
    Vegetable Buttercrunch Lettuce
    Vegetable Cabbage
    Vegetable Carrot
    Vegetable Cucumber, Pickling
    Vegetable Free Purple Carrots
    Vegetable Pea
    Vegetable Pepper, Cayenne
    Vegetable Pepper, Green
    Vegetable Radish
    Vegetable Salad Mix
    Vegetable Tomato, Ace
    Vegetable Tomato, Blushing Pink Cherry
    Vegetable Tomato, Cherry
    Vegetable Tomato, Roma
    Vegetable Yellow Squash
    Vegetable Zucchini Squash