Windy Thistle October Wrap Up!

Here's what we've been up to for October. There is always something to do.

We were graced with a herd of five deer at the far end of our front yard a couple of days ago. Towards the end, a doe is telling her yearling to back off. They stayed for long moments and I stood raptly watching. I'm a lousy videographer but my camera does have a telephoto lens - don't judge, hopefully, I'll get better.

We removed a huge marigold and revealed a lemon balm, parsley plant and a healthy sage for the win! We mulched the sage and lemon balm and brought the parsley inside.

We brought in all the tomatoes the night before the first hard frost.

We let the girls into the garden to clean up the leftovers and the stray bug or grub.

We planted out the garlic. I'll go into detail in another post.

We brought in all the plants that would die if left outside - Aloe, Lavender, Green Onions, Rosemary, Strawberries and the hidden Parsley I didn't know I had!

Our ten mature Walnut trees were prolific. We gathered up 16 bags of walnuts to take to Hammond's - this one fell on the chopping block and balanced itself perfectly.

We learned how and why to feed our bees and suffered our first serious stinging episode - 13 stings at one time. I'm not alergic for sure.

We enjoyed a great class in soap making and much merriment was had by all.

We had an itty bitty harvest from our potato sack experiment. We won't be trying that again!

We also had a meager harvest of carrots. Most of our seed didn't germinate, we'll buy new seed for next year.

The ladies following me about or are they leading? "Get out of the way, Ladies, yes, I am bringing feed."

We left our green beans on the vine to dry into our winter white or navy beans

We brought in the last of the red hot cayenne peppers just ready for batches of General Tso's Chicken this winter and Chilis so good.

I made several wreathes to brighten our doors and windows - this one is made of mint.

We made up seed packets for all those seeds we saved so we could sell them at the craft fair.

I had to get creative, too! :D

Coming up in November: In two short weeks, we'll be having the Pie Class and we still have a couple of openings. This is a kid friendly class, so don't worry if you can't find a sitter, this time. Come anyway! The class is $25.00 a person and you will go home with a pie of your own. Kids are free. (don't we all wish that was true!? lol) Also, we're planning to be at the Fenton Craft Fair - more on that later! HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYONE!