Spring Brings New Life to Our Farm

Last year, we became dairy goat farmers. We didn't know what we were doing but we got a crash course. It was the same way when I got chickens. I told a friend who told a friend who delivered a dog crate full of tiny little bantam chicks and well, we HAD to build a chicken coop and pen asap.

Starlight loves to be petted and comes right up for attention.

Well, it was the same way with the goats. A very good friend of mine who is a goat farmer decided that it was time to retire. She sold most of her goats but brought a little established herd of French Alpine Dairy Goats to me, along with all the necessary equipment and medications, a book of instructions and her as a mentor! I can't tell you how grateful we are to our friend, Kat.

Fiesta "Do you have a tasty goodie?"

MY Darling and the Boyo got busy right away, building pens and goat sheds. Our herd consists of Loveheart aka Bucky - our Buck and the sister does, Fiesta and MJ and then the smaller does, Blaise and Starlight. Star and Fiesta love to be petted and all the goats love a treat.

Loveheart loves kisses but is wicked with those horns.

Now, Loveheart has horns and they are tools that he knows how to use. He lives in the buck pen, about as far from the house as you can get and still be in our lower meadow. He has a little shed all of his own, "The Buckshed". His pen abuts one of our big pens but Loveheart isn't allowed visitors because of his 'bucky' ways.

Blaise enjoying a little nibble of hay.

Currently, we have three of our does in a larger pen next to his and their shed is called "The Ramshack" because it was cobbled together out of spare wood. They can see Bucky but he can't get to them. It's a good thing because Starlight and Blaise are expecting kids of their own.

Little did we know that MJ would give birth a couple of hours after this photo was taken.

And finally, we have the Kidding Shed and Pen.

Our new doeling - her name will be a flower or herb starting with "A" - any suggestions?

So very cute - checking to be sure everything is ok.

Currently, only Maryjane is living in that pen with her NEW KID! Yes, our herd grew from five to six with the addition of MJ's baby. She looks just like a miniature of her mom and is about as cute a baby animal as I have ever seen. If you've never seen a baby goat up close, now is the time to visit Windy Thistle and see one up close and personal. SO CUTE! I kid you not!

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