Spider Visitor to the Garden and Garden Update

The garden is bursting with life at this time of the year. I'm harvesting tomatoes, green beans and more herbs daily. This means I take a walk around the garden daily - it's my favorite time of the day. First stop is usually the long fence of green beans and I walk up the fence picking beans as I go. It takes a sharp eye to see the beans among the vines, blossoms and leaves so I look closely. Today, that close look brought me eye to eye with one of natures beauties - an Orb Spider

Orb Spider

I found the weave behind her to be so intricate like a zipper. The dew was on her web, so she showed up pretty clearly from the other side, this is how I first saw her.

I love the intricate web the Orb Spider weaves.

She isn't the only wildlife that has amazed me and made me grateful for this beautiful world we live in. We also had a bird build a nest over the front door. For weeks we softly opened and closed the door so we wouldn't disturb the brooding momma bird.

Baby Birds Ready to Fledge

After about three weeks, we came outside and saw them lined up across the nest. The next morning, they were gone. If anyone knows what kind of birds these are, please tell me in the comments.

Today's harvest of tomatoes and a lonely green pepper

Not every fruit is perfect, as you can tell from this photo of todays tomato harvest - along with one lonely green pepper. Some of them are perfect and those I'll offer for sale - others are bug kissed or have areas of damage. The imperfect ones get the bad bits cut off and they become tomato sauce. The perfect ones will ripen on the counter for a day or two.

Perfect ripe tomatoes for sale

I also keep my eye out for new plants ripening like this Cayenne Pepper plant - Just look at those beautiful peppers!

red peppers

I love how our garden grows. If you have questions or comments - be sure to say so.. I love hearing from y'all. Happy Gardening!

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