Messy Tomato Vines - Problem Solved?

Our tomatoes are sprawling everywhere with the vines entertwined and lying on the ground everywhere. We had tried three methods for staking tomatoes and while two of them worked fine - staking each plant to it's own stake or twining around a string tied high up on a six foot high fence - the third one was an utter failure. The string we used was too flimsy and wouldn't hold the weight of the vines. It ended up pretty messy with tomatoes hiding among the foliage.

Tomato Vines Sprawling on the Ground

It was clear that we needed strong cordage and we found some hidden away in a drawer. It's white plastic twine and is much stronger. We also needed to run guide ropes back to the fences and tied off to a stake at the end.

Close up of flimsy string - not good!

After we stabilized the stakes, we also ran twine down to the ground on either end to hold the whole thing steady.

Guide Lines from the fence to the stakes

Then we ran three rows of twine down each stake, trapping the vines between and up off the ground.

Three rows of twine between stakes on either side of the vines.

Finally, all the vines were up off the ground. The twine is stronger and the stakes are stabile. There are a lot of tomatoes and a lot of tomato flowers, so look for these to become available this week.

Look at all those lovely tomatoes!

In fact, we have some ripening on the counter right now. If you want a big juicy tomato for your BLT that has more flavor than you ever imagined, let me know! All our tomatoes are heirloom varieties and grown with organic methods, no pesticides or herbicides allowed! We have three varieties available - ACE; a nice slicing tomato - CHERRY; plump round with a sweet flavor just right for salads - ROMA; plum sized fleshy tomatoes that are a cooks choice for making sauces.

As always, come out for a visit and bring the kids!

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