Get Your Red Hot Peppers HERE!

We're growing a lot of Hot Red Cayenne Peppers this year at Windy Thistle. They're starting to turn a gorgeous red. I harvest between a dozen and three dozen a day now. Using white cotton string, I string them in groups of 36, knotted between every pepper. Put them in a sunny window and they will dry wonderfully and last for years if you don't eat 'em all up!

They turn out very attractive as a home décor, too and easy to use in cooking. Just pull off the peppers you need and either crush them if you like it lava hot or add them whole to your dish for just very hot. Use at your discretion - these peppers will definitely add spice to your life! Order a string of 36 Hot Red Cayenne Peppers for $10.00.

String of 36 Hot Cayenne Peppers

Another string drying in the window

Aren't they pretty in my harvest basket?

See that beautiful pepper in the center? I harvest when they are like this up to bright red. This pepper will redden over the next two days in the house.

This lovely pepper was a volunteer from last year - it's a hot Asian Pepper, just wait til THOSE come in! General Tso's anyone?

We can ship these peppers anywhere in the USA, just go to our shop and order them there.

As always, you are always welcome to come visit Windy Thistle!

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