Foul Fowl Tales: On the Value of Roosters!

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

We started out with no rooster this time around. Usually, if you get a straight run of chicks, you've got even odds that half will be roos and half hens. Not so this time, every single chick was a girl. Now, the ladies are very nice and provide us with lovely eggs but no babies in the future. We raise meat chicks every year and there are always roos and one of them escaped the chopping block so that we could have a rooster!

The flock at the water bowl after breakfast

That's Henrietta Turkey in the center in the photo above. Lil Roo is nearly her size! WOW what a big rooster he is now! I was coming out to the pen the other day and something made this horrible strangling sound. I thought something was being killed and picked up my pace. Lo! It was merely Lil Roo working on his crowing! Yes, he's not little anymore but is a great big bumbling rooster now. He cock-a-doodle-doos now and chases his ladies.

Hen Pecked Hen with Others

This lady had been henpecked by the other hens until her rear end was all pecked feather bare - it's a sorry sight and I'm sure it hurts. I wanted a roo for this lady - a roo will stop excess henpecking. She started off bright red in the affected areas and now, since Lil Roo got big - she's healing.

When a hen starts pecking, Lil Roo comes running and the abusing hen takes off. There are other reasons to keep a roo but this one is important. I was thinking I would need to take this lady out of the pen but then they would just find another to be low hen on the pecking order and this damage would be repeated on another hen. Flocks need their roosters!

While I was watching the hens, I was looking to make sure all were there, but one was missing! A little black hen, one of the oldest of my flock was not around. I went looking and I found Blackie in the nest box, laying an egg. Here she is giving me the evil eye for disturbing her.

Blackie Laying an Egg

Our flock is complete with the big bumbling Rooster. He needs a real name. Any suggestions? Leave me a comment!

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