Foul Fowl Tales: A Tale of Two Roosters

This is Julius. He is a Black Jersey Giant. He's a very pretty boy and big! He commands the chicken yard. He picks out the tastiest bits for the ladies. He calls them to him with sweet clucks, picking the treat up and dropping it so they can see that it's yummy. They flock around, always wanting to know what the goodie is. He courts them with a pretty wing drop and flutter and they are his. He is sweet and gentle to the ladies and not bad to any of the rest of us.

Julius has a glorious irridescent tail and is a very nice boy.

In the morning, the ladies pour out of the chicken door - all in a hustle and bustle to get at the morning feed and water. They hurry around to make sure there is enough for each of them. There is more than enough but when you are a chicken, you just never know. Better safe than sorry, the slow hen doesn't get the leftovers from dinner last night.

In a hurry to find out what was in the feed bucket this morning.

All but Terrence that is. This is Terrence. He is a mixed Barred Rock and Jersey Giant. He's just a smidge smaller than Julius and that makes all the difference. Terrence gives me, the dogs and anything else that is not a chicken that evil look that lets you know that while he might not rule the roost, he's second in command.

Terrence is always the last chicken out of the coop in the morning.

Except at feeding time. Julius is vigilant in making sure the harem gets the first peck at the grub. He is also ok with Henrietta the Turkey being part of his flock but not Terrence. Terrence is banished to the corner of the chicken yard, to wait until the flock has sated their hunger and slacked their thirst. Then and only then will Julius let Terrence at the feed.

Julius pecks at his breakfast while keeping an eye out for Terrence, just to the right.

That doesn't stop Terrence from trying, though. He'll wait until Julius is engrossed in eating and then he will sidle in behind Julius and snatch up a mouthful or so of grain. Julius is having none of it, though and will chase Terrence off.

Julius returning to the flock after chasing Terrence away.

But it's not long before Terrence is sneaking back, slowly, sidling. If he sees Julius looking, he freezes and looks away. He'll wait until Julius decides he's doing nothing special and take another couple of steps closer. Sometimes, he gets right up on Julius before the Cock of the Roost notices.

Terrence is right behind Julius now.

Nope, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN on Julius' watch! He turns and catches a mouthful of Terrence's tail feathers as Terrence high-tails it to the other side of the chicken yard in a bit of a flurry of feathers!

Julius going to return to his ladies while Terrence is in the back, still running!

Terrence isn't hurt, actually. In fact, he's not even really dismayed! He waits for Julius to forget about him again and tries it again. And again.. over and over because you know that Julius is going to forget about him eventually. Well, maybe not, but a chicken boy has to try, right?

Terrence trying again!

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This week's wild hawk sighting by my Darling Husband:

Watching the chicken yard intensely.

Closeup of Brother Hawk

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