Feeding your family from Windy Thistle's CSA Garden Shares

We are offering full and half shares in our garden produce this year. We have a lot of plans for Windy Thistle and this is the year to really make it fruitful. We use sustainable methods, never pesticides or herbicides so you'll be eating foods the way nature intended. We're bee friendly and when Buttercup & Bluebell, our beehives, are harvested, you'll get a share of the honey, too.

Our farm can only sustain only so many families so get your reservation in quickly. What is ready will change every week starting mid-June. The dozen eggs are medium to large brown eggs, laid by our flock. If the ladies don't produce the projected amount, you will get an equal share of what they do lay.

Additionally, membership gives you our series of classes for free - reservations still apply, so make sure you sign up for the classes you want to attend asap. Find the class schedule here: https://heartwynd.wixsite.com/windythistlefarm/post/2020-homesteading-classes-schedule-through-may-2020

You'll also get a weekly recipe that uses some of the items that you'll find in your basket.

Payment plans are available - Contact us on Facebook @ Windy Thistle Farm Stay Bed & Breakfast or email me at heartwynd@aol.com for the contract. Down payment required by 3/31/2020. Don't think you'll be able eat that much? Go in with a friend to split the cost.


Windy Thistle Farm CSA 2020 Membership Contract

We recommend you return your contract (with at least a down payment) by the end of March 2020


Address ______________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip_____________________________

Telephone ________________________________

E-mail ___________________________________

Full Share: Eggs, veggies, cut flowers and herbs, and a loaf of artisan bread. How much in each basket will depend on garden yields and the items will vary as more items come into season. $450 for 18 weeks, June 12 to October 16

Half Share: 12 Garden Items, including veggies, cut flowers and herbs. No eggs or bread. $200 for 18 weeks, June 12 to October 16

Delivery: We’ll bring your basket to your door if you live in S. St. Louis and points south to Dittmer, MO. Leave last week’s empty basket outside your door and we’ll replace it with fresh goodies – it’s just that easy. If you are worried about porch pirates, give us a time you’ll be home and that’s when we’ll stop by. If you don’t live in the delivery area, you can arrange with us to pick up your basket.

Payment Options

If you are unable to make your entire payment at the beginning of the season, feel free to design your own payment schedule:

March ___________________

April ___________________

May ____________________

June ____________________

July ____________________

August ____________________

Enclosed is Payment of:

$______________ Check #_____________

I can also send you a bill from Paypal

Signature _______________________________________

Date _______________________________________

Please send your completed contract to: Eileen Stewart, Windy Thistle Farm, 536 Indian Trail, Dittmer, MO 63023 Phone: 636-274-9334 https://heartwynd.wixsite.com/windythistlefarm


Your Membership in the Farm is More than Local

Benefits of Membership

1. Direct access to the farmland and farmers who grow your food.

2. You will help protect local farmland from urban sprawl by supporting a local farm.

3. You have a personal involvement in a local effort to protect and enhance the environment.

4. You will help provide a livable wage for a farm family.

5. You will be welcome to visit the farm and participate for free in farm classes, tours and festivals.

6. You will receive a weekly supply of chemical free vegetables and herbs that will be grown, harvested, and delivered to you as fresh as possible.

7. Depending on the availability, you will be able to request additional produce for special occasions during the season, for additional cost.

Cost of membership

1. By participating in Windy Thistle Farm, you agree to willingly share in the risks and uncertainties of supporting a working farm.

2. You agree to pay $450 for a regular season share or $200 for a regular season half share to support the farm in 2020. You understand that in exchange for this membership fee you can expect to receive an average of 12 different flowers, vegetables and herbs per week from June 12 to October 16.

Contact me on Facebook at Windy Thistle Farm Stay Bed & Breakfast to reserve your share.


What are we growing? Have allergies, or just don't like something? Here is a partial list of what we're starting. Let us know your preferences so you get what you like in your weekly basket. If you don't see what you're looking for on this list, ask us to grow it!

Flower Lemon Bee Balm

Flower Marigold

Flower Pansy

Flower Petunia

Flower Sunflower Arikara

Flower Sunflower Henry Wilde

Flower Sweet Alyssum

Flower Zinnia

Fruit Luffa Gourd

Fruit Melon

Fruit Pie Pumpkin

Fruit Watermelon

Herb Basil

Herb Blue Hyssop

Herb Borage

Herb Catnip

Herb Chives

Herb Cilantro

Herb Cumin

Herb Dill

Herb Echinacea Purpurea

Herb Feverfew

Herb Free Cinnamon Basil

Herb Green Lemon Balm

Herb Lavender

Herb Marjoram

Herb Nasturtium

Herb Oregano

Herb Parsley

Herb Purslane

Herb Sage

Herb Savory

Herb St. John's Wort

Herb Tansy

Herb Yarrow

Vegetable Broccali

Vegetable Brussel Sprouts

Vegetable Buttercrunch Lettuce

Vegetable Cabbage

Vegetable Carrot

Vegetable Cucumber, Pickling

Vegetable Free Purple Carrots

Vegetable Pea

Vegetable Pepper, Cayenne

Vegetable Pepper, Green

Vegetable Radish

Vegetable Salad Mix

Vegetable Tomato, Ace

Vegetable Tomato, Blushing Pink Cherry

Vegetable Tomato, Cherry