Failure Means Learn and Try Try Again!

Every year, I start planning the gardens in December & January. I start seedlings in February and I nurse hundreds of little plants until last frost in April. Then I plant them in the ground and I am convinced that I must be an optimist because, every year, I hope against hope that something will actually grow. I fret, I worry, I weed, I water and I watch.

Sunflower patch

You see, I'm just sure it's all going to be an utter failure. And every year, I fail at something and vow that next year will be better. Now, you would think doing the same thing over and over again is just crazy and it is! Gardening is like that, though. Some things I just get better at growing as I learn more about the plants. There is always something to learn.

Hope for the next growing season.

And then late July comes and I'm swamped in fresh produce that has to be processed. Yes, we do sell a lot but what doesn't sell has to be dealt with anyway. Also there are the imperfect produce that I don’t offer to our customers.. it’s all ours. So, we harvest in the morning, sell Friday afternoon and Saturday all day at the Farm Stand and then Sunday is our day of rest. All that produce didn’t go anywhere.. it’s all waiting for me.

Ripening Tomatoes

Guess what I do all Monday morning? Yep, process the herbs, fruits, veggies for our winter table and flowers that I dry for harvest wreathes. I'm told that my kitchen is a Skyrim kitchen by more than three or four folks. I guess so.

Our Skyrim Kitchen

I have hot pepper, onion and garlic braids, bunches of drying herbs and flowers hanging in the darkest corner of my kitchen and trays of ripening tomatoes and drying sunflowers under the kitchen table and a bowl of cucumbers on top of the table, waiting for me to make Garlic Dill Fridge Pickles after I post this.

Dill and bachelor button seeds drying

Then there is a another tray of tomatoes, crisscross over the top. And then, there is the quiet hum of the dehydrator on the counter processing the delicate herbs and jars of already processed herbs and spices. It's a wonderous abundance, all getting ready for the time when the gardens go fallow and quiet will descend on the farm again and we’ll start planning next year’s garden.

An early mistake doomed the potatoes again. There's always next year!

But really, I'm just glad that something actually grew!

Until next time, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear your mask! Stay Healthy!

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