Braiding Garlic DIY Step by Step w/Photos

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Step by step on how to braid garlic or onions. These have only dried for three days. You can let them dry up to a week before braiding but any longer and the stalks are too dry to twist.

1. First, Let your garlic dry in the sun for three or four days and then pick out twelve to twenty four of your best heads of garlic. The stems will still be somewhat juicy, don't worry about that.

2.Take the three largest and lay them out.

3. Cross them over to begin the braid.

4. Add another head right in the center, directly over the bottom one, but spaced down as you can see in the photo

5. Braid those four together to get a start.

6. When it looks a braid, add another.

7. And another and another and braid downward one step after each addition.

8. Eventually, it will look like the familiar braid with all twelve heads. Then continue braiding down the stalks. Where they start to thin out, divide the remainder into three sections again.

9. Braid all the way to the end and use a loose piece of stalk to tie the end.

10. When you are done, you might see that the first three or four heads have tried to unbraid themselves.

11. Just braid in reverse until you get them all back in to the braid.

12. Hang them in the sunshine for another couple of days. Gravity will make the heads stay braided while they dry.

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